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Welcome through the gatehouse into BelleWood Gardens. As you take a virtual walk down the Garden Path there are several areas to explore. Here is where you can read all about my garden plants, and other topics of interest. Updated on an irregular basis, I think you will always find it to be interesting.

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May any person who plagiarizes or uses my photos and / or text without permission find that plant-eating critters devour their garden, and insects chew holes in those leaves that diseases have not covered in mildew and black spot.

Good wishes for happy days in (and out of) your garden
from Judy, the gardener at BelleWood Gardens.

Visit my Garden Diary (like a friendly chat over the back fence,
sharing what's going on in my garden and others that I've been visiting.)

Come for a virtual visit and see what's in flower at
BelleWood in Bloom 2024 last updated: 23 July 2024

Flowers Around Town in July

Summer Brings Berries

PAWS to Read, with Cats

Growing Bulbs in the Natural Garden, a book review

Flowers Around Town in June

Barbecue at the Quakertown Volunteer Fire Company

Designed for Nature Garden Tour

The Library has several rooms.

Previous Book Reviews has information about a few favorites of mine.
I'm somewhat more organized and now you can find reviews arranged year by year.

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A Reference Section where you can find the titles and brief descriptions of gardening books I think you'll find useful.
My Books tells about books I've authored, and My Columns has links to informative gardening articles I've written.
Links will connect to sites with useful information.
My Resume will give you an idea of who I am and what I do.

Enjoy your stroll through BelleWood Gardens. I'm glad you stopped by and hope
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Judy Glattstein
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