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Here are links to some web sites I think will be useful to you.


Fall is for planting, and planting bulbs ensures a beautiful spring. These buried treasures packed in a plain brown wrapper hold a rainbow's worth of flowers. Summer is not too early to order, so you can choose from the widest selection. Then, once the weather is mild and settled, gardeners in cold winter climates can plant tender bulbs to beautify their summer gardens. Gardeners in mild winter areas can enjoy them as permanent additions to their landscapes.

Bulb Information Lots of useful information - general advice on how to grow bulbs in the garden, pot them up for early flowers indoors, and specific information about some bulbs.

The Pacific Bulb Society Wiki This is the place to go if you are a dedicated bulb lover. As well as familiar tulips and daffodils, here is where you can find information about funky far-out bulbs like Scadoxus, Lycoris, and Rhodophiala. Useful online information open to all, while membership benefits include, among other things, a forum, a journal and a seed exchange.

Vegetable and Herb Gardening

Texas A&M AgriFacts Vegetable Gardening Excellent source for .pdf format information sheets on a wide range of familiar and less common vegetables

Herb Society of America's Beginner's Guide to Herbs is a charming e-book with information on preparing the site, designing an herb garden, and details on a variety of herbs.

General Information

Missouri Botanical Garden offers a wide range of information: sources for perennials, shrubs, and trees in their collection, integrated pest management, seasonal garden care (Missouri centric, of course), and more

USDA Plant Guides and Fact Sheets If you know the Latin name of the tree, shrub, perennial about which you want more information this is a very useful site, with links to data pages and some images on over 1,000 plants. Includes distribution maps for the United States, noxious weed lists, and much more.

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