Garden Diary - May 2022

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Upcoming Garden Conservancy Open Days:
Bird Haven Farm and Anita Shearan's garden in New Jersey on Sunday, 8 May 2022
and Gardens at Half Moon and Paxson Hill Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
on Sunday, 15 May 2022

Any day spent in a garden is a better day. Your own garden, a public garden, and especially someone else's garden that you might not have an opportunity to visit. Which is exactly what the Garden Conservancy offers with its Open Days program. Visits to private gardens across the country, a day here, a day there. And now that spring has sprung with dogwoods and lilacs and tulips in flower, there are two days with two nearby gardens each day.

On Sunday, May 7 they will be
Anita Sheeran's garden, which I have not had the pleasure of visiting before
and Bird Haven Farm which I twice visited in September 2017 and 2019.

It will be interesting to see it in spring, and compare with my autumn visits.

Then on the following Sunday, 15 May, there are two gardens across the Delaware River
in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There's Ridge Goodwin's wonderful Gardens at Half Moon.
Ridge told me that the garden has not changed very much since I was last there. No matter.
It's wonderful, just as is! with uncommon trees such as this

Sophora japonica 'Pendula' with its undulating branching habit.

Paxson Hill Farm will be my second garden visit. Why so? Because in addition to

beautiful gardens Paxson Hill Farm is a retail plant nursery with a diversity of plants,
are and exotic, from shrubs, annuals and perennials for sale. Peacocks and waterfowl
add to the ambiance of herbaceous borders, water gardens, a shade garden and more.

And if the weather is not cooperative, well, I have an umbrella.

Visit Garden Conservancy for all the information you'll need -
open gardens, where they are, the days they are open,
how to join and how to register for garden visits.

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