Garden Diary - July 2021

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Food and Culture of the Latinx World

There is an upcoming free webinar on Friday, July 23 that sounds interesting to me. It is one of The Food Dialogues: Reclaiming Cultural Heritage Through Food.

The foods of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Caribbean islands with a Spanish colonial past are a culinary and cultural hybrid of Indigenous, African, Spanish, and American ingredients and techniques. The stories they tell reveal a creative response to a complex colonial history. Storyteller/journalist Von Diaz and food historian/chef Maricel Presilla explore these cuisines, their history, and how their culinary cultures divulge their past in a conversation moderated by scholar and author Dr. Jessica B. Harris.

I'm not Latinx but still interested. Why? Well, tropical fruits are certainly available, even here in somewhat rural western New Jersey. And unlike my neighbors who crop soybeans, hay, wheat, and oats I grow babana plants outdoors, year round. And use banana leaves as wraps for cooking. This webinar intrigues me.

Registration is on the New York Botanical Garden's events page. You can paste
in your browser.

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