Garden Diary - May 2016

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An Update On the Kittens
Wednesday, 18 May 2016

By now it is four days later and I thought the kittens have probably shredded the peacock feather. Besides, I wanted another "fix," the kind that only kittens can provide.

Yes indeed. The feather is well and truly mangled.

Reach up and stretch, stretch, stretch for the new feather.

Rowrr! I want the feather!

The chosen. This little boy and girl pair will go to their new home this Friday.
Another pair, and a singleton, have also found their furrever homes.

Sleepy kittens. Do they dream of finding their homes too?

And Hailey, another of the Caturday cats at Spring Mills Veterinary Hospital
thinks the more quickly they find homes the more peaceful things will be.

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