Garden Diary - March 2009

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009
Winter's Last Snow

Cold. Snow. Winter. Enough already. There were a few milder, sunnier days with an intimation that Spring was looking for the cracks in winter's grasp. Then we had this.

Temperatures low enough that the Nishisackawick turned to icy sludge
and then froze in places. Granted the water isn't that deep, doesn't run
that fast. And it's early in March, when we're told to expect lion-like
weather, not fluffy, fleecy lambs that will gambol in at month's end.

A bird's nest from last year. Isn't it a good thing that robins
build new ones each year. This one's not very inviting.

A metal bedstead that demarcates one part of my garden from
another. Lacy black, with lacy shadows on the snow.

Delicate, downcast gaze of the soft art nouveau faces on this
Christine Sibley pot, half buried in the snow and awaiting Spring.


But a positive sign, a true and actual sign - my neighbors' announcement
that they are tapping sugar maples and boiling down sap, making that sweet treat
that's only possible at the season's turn, where lengthening days awaken growth.

It will come. Spring will come.

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