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Making Fairy Garden Accessories
by Anna-Marie and Andrew Fahmy
a book review
Monday, 15 April 2024

Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? Invite them in with flowers such as foxgloves, where they might curl up to nap. And also lavender, daisies and primroses. Fairies dance at night and slide down moonbeams. And then, when the moon goes down and the sun comes up, they want to go home to rest.

People often build fairy houses. But they forget about furnishing them!

Oh, you can buy doll house furniture. The pieces are about the right size
but they are often made of plastic and metal and other unnatural materials.

Remember that fairies like acorns and pinecone scales and other natural things.

At the same time you can look in craft stores for tiny objects such as
books and buckets, pencils, miniature flowers for a bouquet and more.

And now there's a book which will show you how to make all sorts of projects for
the fairies in your garden - from a desk, a lamp, a bookshelf to a mailbox, and more.

image courtesy Fox Chapel Publishing all rights reserved

Opening with several pages describing materials to be utilized in creating the various projects, there's even one page of about the basic tools for cutting, holding, fastening, coloring. A section for techniques follows. Let me mention that every page has several relevant illustrations (color photographs) and occasional Tip box, highlighting a helpful detail.

A seven page gallery of fairy houses, various doors, and more will whet your interest for creating your own projects. There are some from four different contributors as well as a few by the authors. Are you ready? Let's get set and create!

Start off with doors: how to make a blue door, with four pages of detailed information. Ditto for a red door, ditto for a green hanging door, a plain door with steps, and a hobbit house door. A few houses, from a clay flower pot, a plastic flower pot, and a few more. Having made houses, they'll need to be furnished: a lamp, a desk, a rustic table, accessories, and more.

I was taken by the charming bookshelf. As with the other projects it begins with a full page illustration of
image courtesy Fox Chapel Publishing all rights reserved
the finished project and the materials required (there's also a written "You will need" punch list.)
Three pages of step by step directions and pictures guide you through the how-to for this project.

Once you've become familiar with the basic materials and the steps in construction, made a couple of projects, why then your garden might possibly end up with a village for fairies and gnomes. At least you won't need building permits. You'll just have fun.

Making Fairy Garden Accessories
by Anna-Marie and Andrew Fahny
published by Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN 978-1-4971-0396-6, softcover, $16.99 US

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher

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