Garden Diary - April

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Container Gardening, an NYBG Plant Studio Course
Week One: ends on 9 April at midnight

These Plant Studio courses are something new. Since they are online, students near and far can participate without driving into the city. In fact, one of the students in the Container Gardening course I am auditing lives in Minnesota! Because the lectures remain online for the duration of the course students can watch and re-watch the videos anytime during the duration of the course. I do think it can be an interesting, very viable idea.

Container Gardening is intended to teach students how to design, plant, and care for a container garden that is both functional and full of four-season beauty, whether it is on their home patio, terrace, or deck, or in their apartment. The course will teach the basics of choosing and using materials like potting soil and plants, as well as easy maintenance skills needed to make container planting a thriving success.

Week 1 focuses on Container Gardening Essentials. It has four segments, each about 15 minutes in length.
1.1 Choosing the Right Pot: assorted pots from terracotta to concrete, wood and plastic and more.

image courtesy NYBG, all rights reserved
with a few words of pros and cons for terracotta, concrete, composite resin, metal, and more.

Next up in this first week's segment are
1.2 Taking Care of Your Container
1.3 How to Make a Hypertufa Pot
As each image is displayed and Daryl Beyers speaks, labels appear. I can pause video to take notes.

image courtesy NYBG, all rights reserved

and 1.4 Potting Mix Recipes complete with demonstration of making a general use, Basic Blend,
a richer mix for rapidly growing summer annuals, and a leaner, quickly draining mix for succulents.

Some general comments: There is a discussion board where instructors introduce themselves to students,
and where students can (briefly) introduce themselves to each other, ask questions, and get replies.

As well as this get-to-know-each-other, there is "homework." For this Week one: describe the pot
you intend to plant for this class and post a picture (if available) and any thoughts about which plants.

There is a Reading and Resources list. And wonderfully enough, there are links to
the New York Botanical Garden's LuEsther T. Mertz Library Guide that bring you to
several publications about both pots and plants which may conveniently be read.

See also Container Gardening, week two
and also Container Gardening, week three

Gratis registration for this Plant Studio course has been provided by the New York Botanical Garden

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