Garden Diary - February

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Superbowl Sunday Barbecue
Sunday, 11 February 2024

Appeared in my e-mailbox:
QFC Super Bowl Sunday BBQ Order Now! for pickup on Sunday Feb 11, Noon - 3PM
Let us cook for your Gameday Meal Pre-Order Today and Pickup at the Firehouse
Your favorites are back! Enjoy from our Whole or Half Rack of Ribs, or Dozen Grilled Wings.
If you can't decide, go with the Party Pack! Throw in some Pulled Pork Sandwich Meals as well.
You can't go wrong!
And for a new twist, try a cup of Maine Lobster Bisque Soup.
So of course I reviewed the menu

and placed my pre-order. I may not have much interest in football but do love their BBQ ribs!

I arrived shortly after noon to get some pictures before collecting the ribs.
Too late for images of ribs on the grill - with an 8:00 a.m. start, ribs were done.

More charcoal was being added over the glowing coals because


the equally popular wings are in high demand.

There must be some secret ingredients in the chix rub. And then there's your choice of
QFC own BBQ sauce, garlic parm, buffalo, or sweet chili sauce with which to dip them.

On our way out I admire their brush truck, gleaming bright and clean

and someone arrives in their pristine, classic, antique touring car.

Home and quickly set out the food. Spareribs from the Quakertown, New Jersey volunteer fire company. Though the ribs come with some baked beans and coleslaw I'd made potato salad yesterday. I thought up a recipe for a green vegetable: cut several strips of bacon into pieces and browned in a pot. When crispy, remove to a paper towel. Add diced onion to bacon grease in pot and cook, stirring occasionally over medium heat. When the pieces were softened I added kale - the warty Nero di Toscana, stripped off the midrib and torn into large pieces. Tossed with the onion pieces and remaining bacon grease. Add a splash of water, turn down heat, covered pot. Dished up when done and topped with the crisp bacon.

The three of us ate, talked, got up for seconds, ate some more and talked some more.
Good food, good time, with thanks to the fire company's barbecue. A very pleasant meal.

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