Garden Diary - January

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Sunday, 28 January 2024

Something tasty in the new year. The Quakertown Volunteer Fire Company is cooking up another of their inimitable barbecue offerings. If you have previously participated there will be an e-mail announcement, complete with menu. Otherwise

there's an announcement outside the fire station. And elsewhere around town.

The menu is available on-line. Pre-order and when you'll come and get it is advisable.

Wings - with four sauce options - are highly popular. The pit master and crew are ready

having fired up the grill and filled it with wings, and ready to repeat, and repeat again.

Keeping the coals hot is never an issue. There's ample charcoal in the nearby cargo container.

A pot of barbecue sauce and a sauce mop, ready to slather on the racks of ribs

looking luscious and (nearly) ready to enjoy.

Take my pictures, pick up my order, and homeward bound.

Set the table. Wet some paper towels - spare ribs are finger food, messy but finger food.

Cut the ribs apart. These are really meaty.

I had made potato salad, just like my mother - diced celery, sweet red pepper,
but I also add sliced black olives. Dressing is mayonnaise, mustard, sugar and
apple cider vinegar. Potatoes must be tossed with dressing while they're still hot.

And since we are having dîner à la maison, beer is a very suitable option.

A delicious meal, quietly enjoyed as we gnaw the meat off the bones, drink,
have some potato salad, gnaw some more. There are leftovers, but that's O.K.

Because we can enjoy what our daughter calls 'the week in review.' Heres what I did: Cut the meat off the last few spare ribs and diced. Reheated mushroom risotto with the meat on top.Looked like it needed supplementing so I added some crisp browned bacon.Tasty. And for a vegetable we had asparagus on the side. Very good.


coming up on Sunday, 11 February, there's Superbowl Sunday!

Pre-order: here
For sure that's what I'll be doing.

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