Garden Diary - February 2023

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Superbowl Barbecue at Quakertown Fire Company
Sunday, 12 February 2023

Doesn't matter if football refers to the American version, where two teams of well muscled, bulky men with helmets and padding go crashing around a field after a football. Or the UK version which we could call soccer. Neither really interests me. But if there should be a Superbowl Barbecue to celebrate the final matchup of the American game, then count me in.

The Quakertown volunteer fire company is having another of their excellent barbecue events.

There's an e-mail to share what's on the game day menu

Philly cheese steak in addition to the standard ribs and wings.

The ribs are cooking on the grill. Someone ladles on more sauce

and it's mopped around and over and adds to the succulent flavor.

To transport up to the fire station sauce is ladled into the container.
Ribs are packed in, orderly, and quickly driven up to the fire station.

Wings are coated with their special "chx rub." Instant read thermometers
check internal temperature for both wings and ribs. Safety is important.

Regularly, frequently, the wings are flipped to keep them cooking evenly.
These are "real" wings with the bones, not the so-called boneless wings
that are really pieces of white breast meat with the wing coatings on them.

Into the fire station in the area unoccupied by fire trucks and fire fighters gear.
People waiting for their game day orders. Most are picking up more than am I -
just getting a Philly cheese steak sandwich (meat is cooked on the flat top in
the fire station kitchen) and a half rack of ribs for Paul (even with a root canal!)

Beautiful, tasty half rack of ribs and a Philly cheese steak as pretty as a picture.

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