Garden Diary - January 2023

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Barbecue at Quakertown Fire Company
Sunday, 29 January 2023

New year. First new month, cycling towards its end. A message appears in my email box . . .

The Quakertown volunteer fire company is having another of their excellent barbecue events.

I place my pre-order, mark my calendar, and plans for Sunday's lunch are made.

The storage building at the back of the fire station contains (among other things)
numerous bags of charcoal to fuel the two barbecue pits.

One is made of concrete blocks and is used for the multiple racks of ribs.

Brushed with sauce. Turned. Brushed again. Turn and turn about.

There are several grill watchers, in addition to the grill master-in-charge.

Clearly there is expertise, practice making perfect. Every rack just right.

The other pit is more like an oversize cart, and is used for chicken wings.

The difference? Wings barbecue much more rapidly than ribs. Even more critical -
they are smaller, and would be frustrating to try and flip individually. So instead
wings are clipped into racks which allow them to be turned together, as a group.

There's a sign by the fire station in case someone passing by might be interested.

Fire fighters gear along the walls, fire trucks parked ready to roll by the doors.

I give my name, pay my tab, my order is brought up front.

Back home. Set the table. Open the container with our rack of ribs . . .

Meat is sweetest close to the bone, 'tis said. We gnawed them clean.
Drank some beer. Wiped clean face and fingers - bbq sauce is messy.

The fire fighters deal with motor vehicle accidents. Call outs for house fires.
We thank them for their services keeping us safe.
And also tender our thanks for their culinary abilities too.

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