Garden Diary - July 2023

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Quakertown Fire Company Seafood Boil at Cervanka Farm
Saturday, 29 July 2023

Volunteer fire companies have fund raisers. An especially popular method is food. Different fire companies have different specialities: pancake breakfasts, pig roasts, barbecue. The last is what Quakertown fire company usually organizes a few times a year, such as an Octoberfest. So it was interesting when

an announcement for a seafood boil showed up on my computer. And at Cervanka Farm
rather than at the fire station. It's been a while since the farm has hosted events for them.

The Hunterdn Brewing Company is there, pulling pitchers of beer from the refrigerated truck.

Farm fresh produce at the building, and flowers everywhere around the farm. Buy corn, buy a bouquet.

Things are busy from the get go. Choice is take out or eat in. There's tents, tables, and people dishing up.

Shrimp steamed in beer (but not the craft brewed beer from the company truck.

Huge 100 litre kettles on the boil, cooking lobster, corn, potatoes, shrimp, and more.

We opted for take out. Got home. I unloaded our lobster boil on a jelly roll pan. It came complete with
what was just mentioned, plus sausage, clams, coleslaw, melted butter, tartar sauce, some sliced lemon.

I opened a couple of beers and we chowed down.

It was messy. Should have had finger bowls but made do with wet towels. It was good.

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