Garden Diary - January 2023

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Phillips Farm Stand
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

It's morning and I have several errands to run. I'll go
out to the most distant, then work my way back home.

Start at Phillips Farm Stand in Milford, New Jersey. I'm
their first customer, in the door as they open at 9:30 a.m.

One of the staff is trimming and bagging radishes.

The back wall is a mosaic of potatoes. Far from dull because there is a medley
of colors from red to yellow to blue fleshed, and sizes from large to fingerling.

One of the things I appreciate about Phillips is that their own produce
- such as these carrots - is labeled so shoppers know it's locally grown.

Ditto these sweet potatoes, and both the yellow and red onions.

There are fresh herbs, cut and tied in bunches and also some potted herbs.

Brussels sprouts, like miniature little cabbages.
One of our favorite green winter vegetables.

Lovely apples, grown here on the farm. Crisp, good crunch, very juicy.

As well as produce the tall glass doored refrigerator cases
with milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt and more. Large table
for breads, cookies, donuts and more. And sets of shelves

with salsas and stuff, applesauce, honey and more.

That's a perfect phrase for Phillips Farm - "and more." And all of it delcious.

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