Garden Diary - May 2023

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Memorial Day Parade
Saturday, 29 May 2023

It's time for the Memorial Day parade in Frenchtown. This year is the first time in a while that we have come into town for the event. It was a wonderful celebration.

Traffic coming into Frenchtown on Route 12 (the major thoroughfare from Flemington)
at the double red flashing light at the T-intersection saw bunting on the National Hotel.

Further into town on the parade route the road was closed to incoming traffic. Because . . .

here come the first of the parade participants, members of the American Legion.

Then the chief and captain and others of the Frenchtown Union fire company.

People on foot turn to the right, towards the Frenchtown Bridge across the Delaware River.

Vehicles, such as this snazzy convertible carrying a veteran, turn to the left.

It's the fire companies that "carry" the parade, equipment from up and down both sides of the Delaware River, polished and shining. Fortunately, there hasn't been a fire during the parade.

Kingwood Township is a volunteer fire company, as they mostly are.

A Quint 16 combines the equipment capabilities of both a ladder truck and
the water pumping abilities of a fire engine. Jenkintown PA fire department.

Another Pennsylvania fire truck, this one from UBE, Upper Black Eddy.

An antique piece of equipment, a fire hose trundled along on two oversize wheels.

I think Milford, New Jersey paraded all their equipment, from the smallest of their fire engines

to ladder truck, 92-63, with a young perhaps future fire fighter riding along and waving

as is the individual in the extended club cab of Milford's larger fire truck 92-2.

But wait, there's one more! Engine 92, even larger, with extensible aerial ladder.

And the ladderless but similar Delaware Valley fire company fire truck.

It was interesting to see what remained the same and what were the changes. A plethora of fire fighting equipment from both sides of the river, veterans (fewer in number) being driven along the route in convertibles, high school band, and more. But I didn't see any cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts, horses and riders.

The parade is for the men and women who left their homes and went to war.

There is a statue in Frenchtown. It is the Spirit of the Doughboy. He holds a grenade
in his upraised right arm, rifle in his left hand as he strides through no man's land.

There is a memorial plaque on the statue's plinth, commemorating those who served and
the few who died in the Great War. They came from Frenchtown. They are remembered.

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