Garden Diary - February 2023

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Another Visit to Phillips Farm Stand
Tuesday, 21 February 2023

I'm making another visit to Phillips Farms excellent farm stand.

This picture is deceptive - holiday greenery is gone but produce is not!

Beautiful leeks, $3.75 / bunch. Ever wonder why leeks are so costly? It's because
they are slow growing. It takes leeks as long as it would to raise several crops of
lettuce, for example. So if you think of them as five heads of lettuce - there you are.

I appreciate that the signs show whether the produce is raised at Phillips Farms or
elsewhere, such as this fennel. But how beautiful and uniform they are, great quality.

Produce is always well arranged. Look at these green cabbages. No loose, floppy
outer leaves that you would pay for but have no use - unless you have a pet rabbit.

My brother spent time in the Andes. while working on his doctorate. He told me
of the many different kinds of potatoes - for baking, boiling, making chuños and
more. These Adirondack Blue are good for making tasty lavender mashed potatoes.

There are also lovely fresh baked breads, muffins and apple cider donuts.

And a selection of bottled hot sauces to add spice to your kitchen.

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