Garden Diary - February 2022

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Storing Fresh Mushrooms
Wednesday, 23 February 2022

It's winter. Any fresh mushrooms I want come from the store, mostly the traditional white agaricus and baby bella. I use them sliced and sauteed in all sorts of dishes But here's the rub.

The mushrooms are sold in plastic boxes tightly wrapped with plastic film.
I can peel it loose to access the mushrooms, then wrap it back over the box.
But if they are not used up quickly enough, the mushrooms become yucky.

Store fresh mushrooms in a paper bag to maintain the best quality, we are told.

Well and good. A brown paper lunch sack holds the whole box of mushrooms. The catch?
Out of sight, somewhere in the nether recesses of the refrigerator, is out of mind for me.
By the time I find them again the mushrooms are often sort of dehydrated and dried out.

But there is an answer, a wonderful work around. Supermarkets that have bakeries
sell fresh baked bread. Even Costco does. And it is packaged in perforated plastic bags.

I asked politely, explaining why. And the very nice lady gave me several unused bags.

They are excellent for keeping fresh mushrooms, well, fresh, in the refrigerator.
Won't go slimy. Don't dry out. And what's more, the mushrooms are quite visible.
The perforated bag is large enough to hold the plastic box of mushrooms. In fact
it is larger than is needed, but it may easily be shortened with a pair of scissors.

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