Garden Diary - November 2022

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Holiday GLOW at the New York Botanical Gardens
Tuesday, 29 November 2022

There's a new event at the New York Botanical Garden's holiday train show. New, relatively speaking because GLOW has been happening for just a few years while the train show has been happening for a few decades. GLOW lights up after dark, but it is still attractive in the daytime.

GLOW takes place from 5 to 10 p.m. on 23 nights starting Friday, November 18, 2022, and running through Saturday, January 14, 2023.

Come in the main entrance. Pass the Pine Tree Cafe and the garden's Shop.
Walk a bit more and there, ahead of you, is the circular reflecting pool.

But today there's no water. Instead it is filled with conical tree shapes

strung with lights. In daytime they look like strands of ice.

All the paths are deliniated with strings of small lights to mark the way when dark.

But the sweet effect (especially in daytime) are the globular puffs that harmonize with
the elegant round dome of the Enid Haupt conservatory's Palm Court rounded dome.

Puffs, of various sizes, billow across the ground. Pathway lights are like seed pods.

Even the arms on benches are rounded. The puffs balance on stems, reminding me

of summer's dandelions gone to seed.

Summer's planting of sorghum has matured and gone to seed. A hollow netted globe

is revealed as an empty playhouse, and assorted puffs lay scattered hither and yon.

Look indoors for the imaginitive building, busy trains on their tracks at the Holiday Train Show

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