Garden Diary - December 2022

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Feeding Backyard Birds, a talk at Kingwood Feed & Mercantile
Saturday, 10 December 2022

Today's the day there will be a free talk about feeding birds in your backyard, at

Kingwood Feed & Mercantile, located at 889B Route 12 in Frenchtown New Jersey 08825.

Just inside the door is a welcoming table for people coming to this public event.

There's a door prize - enter for a drawing to win a bag of finch mix.

Plus, there's coffee and a couple of boxes of donuts for this morning's visitors.

The store's cat is under a table. So many feet . . . he decides to protect his tail.

There's a small complimentary pamphlet that offers some information about backyard bird
and various Blue Seal seed blends, and a recipe card for "make your own bird seed cookies.

A blackboard lists the wide variety of horse feed and chicken feed
also from Blue Seal, who are presenting today's event for the birds.

With cup of coffee and a donut in hand, we're all invited to a back room,
just passed a "For the Birds" sign, where chairs and a screen are set up.

The first slide sets the pace for today's program. There will be time for both
questions and comments from the audience. We're all birders here. We have
experience, and it's local. Birds, weather, squirrels, bears, are all discussed.

There are images of feeders, text specific to the birds that use them, seeds appropriate
for bird / feeder pairings. Separate images of specific birds, male and female if they are
noticeably different, their favorite seeds, if they feed on the ground or prefer to perch.

Finished with some talk about providing water, improving habitat with bird helpful plantings for food and shelter, and more. Back into the store where I buy a bag of nyjer seed (hey, today's event participants receive a 15% discount.) Urged to "take a donut for the road" I wrap one in a napkin. And with the seed, a donut, the gratis Blue Seal suet cake we each received I'm on my way back home.

In time to see an acrobatic squirrel managing, again, to outwit the baffle.
Alas, there were no guaranteed not to fail suggestions for outwitting them.

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