Garden Diary - May 2021

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Three for Saturday
Saturday, 15 May 2021

Today's offering is on the skimpy side. I'm caught up in the throes of everything OUTSIDE
for summer. Red spot bananas down from upstairs under the skylights, cannas packed in
crates with peat moss, begonias out of greenhouse, and more. Photography gets a pass.

An early flowering dwarf peony, 'Early Scout' is a Paeonia tenuifolia hybrid.

In The Greenhouse

A dainty little hippeastrum - or do you call them amaryllis? This is 'Baby Star'.

Rabbit foot fern has furry white rhizomes that spread over the pot.

I have this sort of driftwood looking piece of wood that had gotten stuck in
an under-the-driveway culvert last fall. Got it out. Thought about what to do.
Gave it several coats of deck sealer to weatherproof and decided that it would

be very charming as the new home for a piece of the Humana tyermannii.

That's it for this week. Back to mixing soil, shifting plants, thus and so forth.

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