Garden Diary - November 2021

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Autumn's Produce at Phillips Farm Market
Friday, 5 November 2021

The weather has turned autumnal. While daytime temperatures are pleasant the nights are quite chilly, only in the high to mid 20s Fahrenheit. The frost is not only on the pumpkins, it is on everything outdoors.

Phillips Farm Market has pumpkins, large and small.

There is a courtesy pie tasting today and tomorrow, to help people choose

which one(s) they might want to order for their Thanksgiving dessert.

After a frost is when root vegetables such as parsnips have the best flavor.

Cranberries, from New Jersey. Yes, they are commercially grown in the Garden State.
I once travelled down - and it was in November - for the cranberry harvest. Fascinating!

Now back to Phillips. Lovely apples of diverse varieties. To eat out of hand,
use for cooking - applesauce perhaps, baking pies and tarts, make cider.

Another autumn standby, the various cole crops such as savoy cabbage

and cauliflower, both the familiar white and a sunny golden yellow variety.

As well as lovely produce mostly grown on their own farms, some produce
brought in (everything labeled as to where grown, Phillips, California, etc),

they sell milk and honey, baked goods and prepared dishes from local sources.

Beautiful bunches of fresh herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. And more.

such as garlic. And baskets of Phillips Farm grown hot peppers.

Frost may have arrived as the seasons turn to shorter days and longer nights.

Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is ahead. Plan on giving thanks and eating well.

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