Garden Diary - August 2021

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Make Ink: A Forager's Guide with Jason Logan

Image Courtesy of Lauren Kolyn

All the world is color. The secret is to coax the color out from where it is contained. I have made dye stuff from foraged ingredients to color yarn, using ingredients such as

black walnut hulls and inner bark, pokeweed berries, and more.

So when I saw the announcement of Make Ink: A Forager's Guide, an online class at the New York Botanical Garden I was intrigued.

The course description for this crafts and DIY class says that we will "Learn how to gather plants and urban detritus (like rust!) from the surrounding landscape to make beautiful dyes such as bright magenta pokeweed, dark black walnut, and rich purple wild grape. Artist and founder of the Toronto Ink Company Jason Logan will teach you which materials - organic and inorganic - work best and where to look for them. Then, you'll mix, test, and transform what you've foraged into rich, vibrant inks using simple household ingredients."

The four hour class is scheduled for August 14 & 21; 11 a.m - 1:00 p.m. EDT, online
Session Number: 221CRF187O While the class is fully subscribed there is a wait list

Check online for the New York Botanical Garden's Adult Education department's wide range of topics from botanical art and illustration, floral design, horticulture, landscape design, and more. They range from one day personal enrichment classes to certificate level courses. Even topics you might not have thought of, such as making ink.

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