Garden Diary - June 2021

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Designed for Nature, Intermission
Saturday, 19 June 2021

We've visited three of the six gardens. At each garden they are handing out a map with the locations of public restrooms. This is a definite improvement over the 2019 tour when everyone was on their own. Having brought our lunches, we need somewhere to eat, with better ambiance that inside the car. And, the map provides the location of a native plant sale, en route between garden 4 and garden 5. Or in our case, between 5 and 4. Onward!

But first a pause to admire (and photograph) a curbside sign near a mailbox.

Also curbside, at a different house that's not on the tour,

a lovely butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa.

We three choose the Mercer County library in Doylestown for our rest stop. It's right next to the Mercer County museum which has a large, tree shaded lawn area, complete with picnic tables and benches. And that's where we had our leisurely lunch break. And of course made a stop at the native plant sale in New Britain.

Plants arranged on both sides of the driveway.

There are a few collections - a half-dozen plants for sunny dry spots, for example.

Also plants available individually, such as these Joe Pye weed, Eupatorium sp.

I wonder if this woman's tattoo is of a native plant.

Time is moving on. There are three more gardens still to visit today.

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