Garden Diary - April 2021

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Another Six On A Different Saturday
Saturday, 17 April 2021

At this time of year it is easy to find six plants for Saturday. Actually, it's not. The difficulty is whittling down to six. But that's what "The Propagator" set as the limit, and since he's the originator of Six on Saturday, six it is.

Here are my six for Saturday, 17 April 2021.

Last week I shared Jeffersonia dubia with you. I was planning to show
our native twin leaf, J. diphylla this time. Except its flowers are already
losing petals to the wind. No matter, we'll enjoy its angelic twin leaves.

Across the seasonal brook I chanced on this good pairing of Helleborus foetidus
and Arum italicum 'Pictum'. And decided that while flowers are nice, they go so
quickly. While foliage pays its rent for space in the garden. So today I'll show leaves.

Sometimes it's just a variation. Like ho hum, pachysandra. So dull. Roll it out like carpet
outside office buildings. Really though, how about Pachysandra terminalis 'White Edge'

Or well named false forget-me-not, Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'.

Or a plant that thrives in wet soil, spreading its bold foliage around.
It's the gold splashed umbrellas of Petasites japonicus 'Variegatus'

Even in my greenhouse - things are rather quiet. South African bulbs are mostly dormant.
I'm potting dormant-starting-to-awaken mirabilis and the pelargonium cuttings. And this
rather oversize pot of Oxalis regnellii that was out of the way under a bench . . . nope,
not any longer. It has happily hurled itself into lush growth and needed a move into the light.

So that's my six. But in case you wondered, "Why BelleWood?"

True, c'est très belle. But also because there are bells in the garden.

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