Garden Diary - May 2021

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Again, Six On Saturday
Saturday, 8 May 2021

I'm spoiled for choice. It would be so easy to do a double six for this Saturday. But The Propagator set the rules for participation in Six on Saturday.

I raised this red buckeye from seed. Not quite sure whether it is
Aesculus pavia or A. ×briotti. Whichever, it's flowers are lovely.

Evergreen and spreading, Phlox stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple' is
a fine companion for other perennials. Native too, as are all phlox.

Arisaema thunbergii variety urashima is one of the Japanese arisaema, and I think my favorite of those I grow. Notice the long flagellum on the spadix, looking similar to a fishing line. I suppose that is responsible for the charming folk tale a Japanese friend told to me,

Taro Urashima was a fisherman. One day he saw some children tormenting a sea turtle. Being a lad with a kind heart, he rescued the turtle. Well, you know this sort of story goes. It was a magic turtle who brought him to the kingdom under the sea where he had a wonderful time. But eventually he wanted to go home.

"Stay, do stay!" the lovely sea maidens begged him. "No, I really must go." he firmly replied. So they heaped him with treasure. And gave him a small box, together with a warning never to open the box. Always with these little gift boxes, never to be opened.

He came back to the harbor but everything had changed. He recognized not one of the people because so much time had passed. Opening the little box Taro Urashima suddenly became an old man and died. Because time passes differently in the kingdom under the sea - or in the fairies barrow under the hill, right?

Arisarum proboscideum is a sweet little aroid with the common name of
mouse tail arum. Winter hardy, summer dormant. Deer don't eat it - crystals
of oxalic acid in all aroids are protective. I really should grow some in a pot.

Speaking of treasures, silver and pewter Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' looks very
metallic. The common name for this is Japanese painted fern. Hardy, deciduous.
I provide them with silver leaved rex begonias as summer companions in shade.

Fern leaf phacelia, Phacelia bipinnatifida, is taking hold. Finally.
Biennial, seed must be sown fresh, and it dislikes transplanting.
A native woodlander, I hope to see even more, en mass, in future.

And there has been some very good and welcome rain over the last few days.

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