Garden Diary - January 2020

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Water in Winter

December 2019 & January 2020

Water is a remarkable substance. Within a relatively limited temperature range it may be found as a liquid, a solid, a vapor. Water can sublimate, change state from solid to vapor, and vice versa. It is now, in winter, that we may naturally find water in its various solid forms: sleet, ice, snow. But even snow is variable, influenced by the temperature which shapes it. Close to the freezing point of 32° Fahrenheit it is heavy, wet, packs well for snowballs. The colder the temperatures the lighter, drier, fluffier the snow.

25 January 2020. Rain, trickling down the rain chain.

17 December 2019. Rain, freezing on wire fencing.

23 January 2020. Water, having slowly trickled out of crevices

in the rocks then freezes into icicles, drop by dripping drop.

22 January 2020. A few bitterly cold days and nights and there is ice,
fringing the rocks and coalescing in ice pads on the Delaware River.

22 January 2020. Something arrived, packed with dry ice. Of course
we had to play. Some liquid water, drop in the dry ice . . . It is CO²,
carbon dioxide, solid at minus 109.3° Fahrenheit, and sublimes to vapor,
to carbon dioxide gas. Water ice, H²O, freezes at 32° Fahrenheit.

11 December 2019. A light dusting of snow delineates a simple board fence.

11 December 2019. Snow reduces the scenery to black and white.
Are black and white colors? It depends on who you ask the question.

18 January 2020. Powdery dry snow on a cold day, delicately enhances bamboo.

6 January 2020. Just pause, and consider this. Snow has 10 times
the volume of rain. An inch of rain is equal to 10 inches of snow.

What magic lies with water.

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