Garden Diary - April 2020

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Starting to Sprout: Rainbow Sprinkles Microgreens
Saturday, 4 April 2020

As I wrote here I'm growing microgreens and sprouts. I hope you'll want to do it yourself.
Come along and follow my adventures - it is really so easy that "adventure" is an exageration.
I got seeds for a diverse selection of sprouts and microgreens from Johnny's Selected Seeds.

Today I want to plant seeds for microgreens. I find myself reluctant to leave home in these days of Covid-19. One of my infrequent visits to the small grocery store in town is unlikely to offer much in the way of gardening supplies. But a plastic bottle I had saved and a husband with a well-equipped workshop saved the day.

A piece of tape down each of the two long sides to mark the cutting line,
a vibrating cut-off tool by DeWalt, a few minutes work by Himself, and I
have two very nice rectangular planting trays, perfect windowsill size.

Like every spring, I had previously bought some seed starting mix.
Put some seed mix in the half-bottle planter, leveled and tamped it
lightly. Sprayed well with water and left it to sit for about an hour.

Next up, planting seeds of a Rainbow Sprinkles microgreen mix that I got
from Johnny's Selected Seeds. Here's a link to that section of their catalog.

Wrote a label for the Rainbow Sprinkles chard and beet microgreen seed mix.
Following the instructions on the back of the Johnny's Selected Seeds packet
I scattered seed rather thickly, about 1/2 inch apart. Cover with a thin layer of
seed starting mix and watered again, more lightly. And now to wait for 2 weeks.

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