Garden Diary - July 2020

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Thai Style Chicken in Lotus Leaf Wrap
Friday, 31 July 2020

Yesterday I made a visit to Aquascapes. Spent a lovely morning chatting with Randy and admiring aquatics from sarracenia to water lilies and lotus.

Randy cut some lotus leaves for me to take home and try out some recipes

But by that very evening the leaves had begun to curl and dry. That's O.K.
Recipes begin by advising that the leaves should be simmered in hot water.

The cut up chicken has a relatively brief, 30 minute marination with
1 teaspoon each oyster sauce and soy sauce, ½ teaspoon sherry,
¼ teaspoon each sesame oil, sugar, and salt, plus 3 slices of ginger,
cut into fine julienne. Stir all together, add chicken, toss again.

Make sure you have a shallow dish a little smaller than the steamer.
A frying pan, larger than the steamer for water with which to steam.
Additional hot water in a kettle to top up water as needed, as it boils.

Toss marinated chicken with ½ teaspoon each cornstarch and
peanut oil. I had rehydrated the sliced dried mushrooms seen in
the third picture, squeezed dry, added to wrap. Not worth while.

Place a serving of the chicken in a piece of lotus leaf, upper side of leaf
facing up. Fold sides in to center, fold ends over, then tie to hold in place.

Steam for 30 minutes, adding additional water from kettle as needed.

Time's up. Carefully remove the lid of bamboo steamer.
Use tongs to remove a lotus leaf wrap packet to plate.

Untie kitchen twine and fold back lotus leaf to show the chicken.

Plated up. Served with basmati rice, sautèed whole small baby bella mushrooms,
and broccoli done in microwave steamer bag. Very nice. Shall try it with shrimp.

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