Garden Diary - June 2020

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Janet's Victorious Vegetable Garden, Redux

Friday, 19 June 2020

Having made two bottles of limeade concentrate I thought I should bring one to Janet. A small thank you for the wonderful strawberries and tender lettuce she gifted me with last week.

The bright sunshine and summery temperatures are sending her garden into overdrive.

Broccoli seems to have decided that with the buttoning mistake behind them
they will grow as they should. And the lettuces are brilliant, bright and tender.
"Would you like some lettuce?" Janet said. "Just let me get my knife to cut them."

Back home, lunch was deviled egg salad on a layer of tender red lettuce rolled in a wrap.

Peas are clambering up their supporting trellis, just starting to flower.

Slowing down, but strawberries are still producing, protected from the birds with netting.


Generously, I was sent home with more strawberries. I made myself a smoothie with the freshest possible berries, a frozen banana, some homemade yogurt, and just a splash of homemade limeade concentrate. Whizz everything around in a Magic Bullet. And I enjoyed it very much.

A very summertime dessert of fresh strawberries lightly tossed with sugar
and butterscotch pudding. Yummy!

Tomatoes are well recovered from transplant shock. Janet waters them once, thoroughly,
when she sets them out. And then not again. It encourages them to send their roots deep.

Potatoes already in flower! And this is not even the row of early potatoes.
That's usually a sign that the little first potatoes may be dug. Not this time.

Little purple kohlrabi, ready to fill in the space when early lettuce is removed.

And the artichokes, all 50 of them, are rapidly showing why they need so much space.

The row of peanuts are growing nicely. There are even a couple of flowers
on a couple of plants. Rather early, but you'll have to take my word for it.

Hill and furrow. This will soon be covered with the sprawling growth of pumpkins.

It doesn't happen by magic, you know. It's digging and delving and hard sweaty work.

Vivid clusters of sweet William, Dianthus barbatus. Flowers bloom and welcome the bees.

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