Garden Diary - June 2020

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Janet's Victorious Vegetable Garden Keeps On Growing

Friday, 26 June 2020

It's Friday.
Where would I be except - of course - making yet another
appropriately socially distanced visit to Janet's garden.

Her garden is looking magnificent. The first fruits of her labor ready to pick
and impressive suggestions of the almost harvest-ready bounty yet to come.

The fleece row cover was removed from the row of eggplant, doing duty elsewhere.

The eggplants are now starting to flower, uncovered so the bees can get at them.

Peppers, both sweet and hot, look spindly. That
will soon change, now the weather is much hotter.

The tomatoes are eager to escape, spreading outside their confining cage.

Looking good. Corn won't be as high as an elephant's eye by the Fourth. Still . . .

Janet plants buckwheat as a green manure crop, as well as for the bees.
In subsequent years there will be a buckwheat plant or so, volunteering.

The first peas. No need to cook, just shell and enjoy.

Janet with an enormous head of delicately tender red lettuce.

So much fun to come and see what's growing, all thanks to Janet's hard work.

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