Garden Diary - August 2020

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Flowers Around Town in August

Since the seriousness of covid-19 became apparent early in March people have pretty much been isolating at home, other than expeditions shopping for groceries and similar necessities. Occasionally I drive or Himself drives me in a loop around town to photograph what's in flower. I take some images from inside the car, others from just outside the car. Fewer vehicles on the road, occasionally an infrequent person walking or bicycling. Let me share what I have seen.

There are links to other months and their flowers at the bottom of this entry.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Homeward bound after a properly masked and social distancing shopping trip
at the Frenchtown Market I made my usual turn onto Second Street and saw
a woman sweeping her porch. Yesterday's storm has knocked many flowers off
this bright crape myrtle. See them on sidewalk? Enough remain for a fine show.

Doubling back on Second Street to properly align my car for a picture out the window.
So glad I did, as otherwise I would have missed the perfect color coordination of this
purple buddleia and purple shutters of the house on the street's river side extension.

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