Garden Diary - October 2020

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Time to Move the Bananas Indoors
Saturday, 17 October 2020

Trees are turning color

and dropping their leaves

We've been flirting with a frost. Time to move the 'Zebrina' bananas indoors for the winter.

It goes like this: This planter is concrete, too large and heavy to move, plus there are
two bananas in it. I have to A) get the bananas out of the pot and B) separate them so

C) one banana can go in this pot.

The cats thought this was all very interesting. Here you see Mr Poe checking it out.

And voila! the re-potted banana. The second banana is upstairs in a slightly too small pot.

Here's the other pot that had to come in from outside. You should have seen what it looked like before I cut off 10 or so of the older leaves. Not that leaves add weight. Just bulk. I think you can understand why I cannot move it upstairs by myself. It is not that the pot is so large, it is just too heavy. It will have to wait for our handyman. It is beyond my abilities, even with a hand truck.

I'm also not dividing / repotting these culms this fall. Limitations of space. As well as the two large culms there are about six little new ones. Next spring will be decision time - maybe offer them on Freecycle. If no one comes forward to adopt them I'll plant the offsets directly in the ground. And just leave them to freeze in the fall.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

And upstairs it came. He just picked up the pot and walked up the stairs.

The next major horticultural operation will be cutting back and covering the Japanese fiber bananas that live outdoors year-round. Stay tuned for future developments as winter is coming.

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