Garden Diary - February 2019

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Polar Vortex

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Is it viral marketing for Game of Thrones? If yes, it has gone too far. Thursday's high temperature was a frigid 12.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the overnight low was minus 6.5 degrees Fahrenheit. We decided to bundle up and drive into Frenchtown to look at the river.

It has been cold enough that ice has formed on the Delaware River.

Walk out onto the middle of the bridge. You can listen to the pieces
of ice rubbing and rasping together as they flow downstream.

Further down river there's a remnant of a mill race. The ice floes spin
and often break as they ride the rapids and deal with the currant.

Paul is dressed for the weather: silk undershirt under cotton undershirt.
Flannel shirt. Wool socks. Wool scarf. Puffy jacket. Balaclava. Thick gloves.

As we go to The Bridge Cafe to warm up with tea and coffee and a pastry
I notice Ginger, wearing her winter booties. They not only keep her feet
from the cold, the booties also protect them from road salt. Looking good.

Winter has arrived. So did the polar vortex. Important to dress for the weather.

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