Garden Diary - April 2019

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Hellebore Festival at Linden Hill Gardens

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Honestly, it seems that barely a week goes by before I'm back at Linden Hill Gardens.

This time it's for the hellebore festival. One, it will be interesting.
And two, I haven't seen my friend Barry Glick in like forever.

When I was here 10 days ago the hellebores were benched in the greenhouse.

Now, they're benched outdoors. Yesterday's rain has given way to sunshine

and people are busily shopping for hellebores. Difficult to make a selection
because there are so many from which to choose. And everywhere you turn

there's yet another bench of hellebores. Colors from cream to yellow,
pink to black, speckled and picotee, singles and doubles. How to choose

when every pot of hellebore in bloom seems more beautiful than the next.

But now it's time to head into the big stone barn for Barry Glick's lecture. Which,
I know, will be witty and entertaining, as well as informative. He's that kind of guy.

Up by the speaker's podium is a ginormous ball-and-burlap clump of
dark wine purple hellebore. Tagged at just $250. If you divided it,
I bet you could make a dozen of good sized divisions. If not more.

Windows are covered. The projector is set. Barry's ready for his presentation.

And we're off. Barry shares the history of his Sunshine Farm and Garden, how
he got started breeding hellebores, and numerous images of the lovely results,
interspersed with amusing anecdotes and useful tips for growing hellebores.

Show's over. We stream back out into the sunshine. And the enthusiastic audience
Is even more ready, willing, and eager to buy hellebores to enhance their gardens.

Tomorrow is another day, a second opportunity to listen to Barry
and purchase hellebores, those wonderful, early blooming, deer resistant plants.

There's a hiatus until the next event, a perennial extravaganza
on June 8th & 9th. Until then, you can visit the nursery Wednesday
through Sunday to shop for a diversity of plants and garden supplies.

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