Garden Diary - July 2018

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Lilies and Hydrangeas at Wave Hill

Sunday, 8 July 2018

The torrid heat and high humidity have been replaced by a perfect summer day. Here at Wave Hill there is the view across the Hudson River, peace and quiet, and greenery.

A sweep of lawn, small trees for shade, and people enjoying it all.

What's best are all the flowers in the garden, masses of flowers in a harmonious tapestry of color, so lush they spill over the paths to greet visitors. So beautiful. At this time of year there are masses of lilies and billows of hydrangeas.

Oriental hybrid lilies, wonderfully fragrant

as are trumpet lilies. Not sure of the cultivars but all are lovely.

It's the mop head hydrangeas that get the publicity, fat billows like
over-blown balloons. Myself, I like the lace caps, a colorful edging of
sterile flowers around the more subdued mass of fertile flowers.

An avalanche of white Hydrangea macrophylla,
heavy enough to bend the branches down.

There were other flowers nearby, sufficient to distract attention
from the bubblegum pink of these balloon-like hydrangeas.

Hymenocallis means beautiful membrane, for the dainty funnel shape of the flower. You may find it as Ismene. Easy to grow, but bulbs must be dug and kept indoors in winter, dormant.

Here's an outsize version of our familiar
black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia maxima.

In March there was a succulents day here at Wave Hill. Now that it is
summer some of the plants have been moved outdoors for a vacation.

And while the poppies that were in flower last month have faded away
there are still a few annual poppies in bloom to embellish the garden.

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