Garden Diary - January 2018

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What I Had For Lunch

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Occasionally my daughter serves what she calls "The Week in Review." Has a certain panache, compared to something plebian, like "Tonight we're having leftovers for dinner." What I had for lunch today did include items from prior meals. But

doesn't this look delicious? It was.

So what do I have here . . . The foundation is romaine lettuce, coarsely cut. On top of that are some very tasty chunks of tuna steak that had originally been grilled under the infra-red broiler in my Wolf range as the entree for last Sunday's dinner. I then added a couple of spoonfuls of cannellini beans. Cooked Tuscan style, we had them as an accompaniment to some wonderful ham from a Pennsylvania smokehouse for dinner on Monday. Half of a perfectly ripe avocado, (so glad the Mexican Haas avocados are back on the market) cubed and added with a splash of lime juice. Then a drizzle of red wine vinegar and olive oil salad dressing. Bon appetit!

So, what did you have for lunch?

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