Garden Diary - April 2018

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Getting Down To It

Monday, 2 April 2018

Gardeners, it is said, do it in the dirt. Well, yes, that's where plants grow. Weeding, planting, fertilizing, maintenance all take place at ground level. Back in my younger days I could squat, feet flat to the ground, and fold like a pretzel. When done with a task I could rise, no hands pushing up, even if I was sitting on the ground. Now being a woman of a certain age - well, it just doesn't work like that any more. My knees are not what they used to be.

Recently I spent close to 2 hours cleaning winter damaged foliage from hellebores. Standing with my legs more or less straight I would bend over in a U and snip away. The hellebores looked much better when I was done, my knees were fine, but my back insisted that this was certainly Not. A. Good. Idea.

I have a stool, in the tool shed. Don't remember when or where I got it. The base is too small, tends to rock and is tippy. So Himself made the wooden base for it. Much more stable.

But I'm still bending over more than I want to.

I got a seat from Fiskars, that fits on a 5-gallon sheetrock bucket. It makes it convenient to carry fertilizer etc inside the bucket. Also a tool holder that fits over the bucket so you can bring a trowel, hand cultivator, clippers into the garden. They still sell the tool carrier, now in blue

Comfortable seat, but I'm still bending over.

I looked on-line and at Gardener's Supply I found a garden kneeler that looked promising. Phoned them up, spoke to a couple of people. Good discussion once I explained what I was after, why I wanted it, and what I'd do with it. Was asked what color I wanted - turns out the two choices are purple or green. I prefer colors that cannot scuttle away and disappear in the undergrowth when put down. So I chose purple. The box arrived very promptly, in just a couple of days.

I was at first concerned when I unpacked it.
Looked like some assembly would be required.
(As you'll see, this is actually very useful.

Not so. Pull on the handles and it pops up. Notice, there is a
tool carrier, sold separately.This configuration as a kneeler

or reverse it to become a bench, suitable for dead-heading
flowers, picking raspberries, drinking a glass of chablis . . .

The kneeler actually gets me down where I need to get dirty.
When done, grab the sturdy handles and easily just push up.

This is the debris from just one hellebore.
And there are many more. Plus, the weeds
are beginning to grow. Don't they always!)

Grab the bar at the side of the seat and compress the springs to fold the sides again. Made from powder-coated steel tubing, the garden kneeler is still light enough to hang up in my tool shed.


Here's a hellebore with withered old leaves. Looks much better when they're removed.
Now what I need to do is to get out into the garden and get to work.

A sample of the kneeler was provided by Gardeners Supply Company.
The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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