Garden Diary - July 2018

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Cornfest at Cervenka Farm

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Many fire companies host fund raising events. Among the most popular are dinners - spaghetti dinner, fish dinner, pancake breakfast. These events are usually held at a fire station's social hall. The nearby Quakertown Fire Company in Pittstown, New Jersey is, like so many in the area, an all volunteer company. The dedicated volunteers have provide professional emergency services ever since 1951. Their excellent choice is to host a barbeque dinner. Last year, for the first time, it was hosted by Cervenka Farm. They guesstimated feeding maybe 300 people. Instead 700 people showed up. So this year they're ready.

Signs are up on roadsides. This one is at the fire station.

Obviously for a cornfest you need corn, and lots of it. It will be grilled.
Some husk is left to protect the tender kernels but not the outer ones.

Charcoal for the grills, lots and lots of charcoal.

Propane too. Not for the meat but for

things like the hand cut French fried potatoes.

Another side, cucumber tomato salad needs no cooking but there is prepping.

Here's the menu.

Pulled pork sandwich. You can't see but it is well filled with shreds and
chunks of pork, moist with cooking juices. Grilled corn, rubbed with butter.

Someone is adding ketchup to their cheeseburger.

And the spareribs are finger lickin' good. Actually handiwipes or
a finger bowl would be even better.

Really love the barbeque? Buy a jar of sauce
to take home and try doing it yourself.


There's a beer truck too, from the Lone Eagle Brewing Company
next town over, in Flemington. I had an American pale ale. Nice.

Lots of the fire company equipment is parked on grass along the edge of the road.
Support your local fire company! And enjoy a summer barbeque at the same time.

There's live music by Big Horse Band, multiple guitars, sax, and
vocalists, playing Johnny Cash and more.

The picnic tables under the big tent have jugs of sunflowers.
My friend Ann and I walk across the grassy field to the farm store.

There are more sunflowers, cut from the field just across the driveway.

And masses and masses of zinnias too.

Produce as well as flowers - bunches of herbs, beets, fingerling potatoes
and a tin box, sample on top and with baking potatoes inside.

Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and a basket of local peaches.

I buy some white corn, fresh tomatoes, and a cantaloupe, fragrant and ripe. Summer in the country. It's wonderful.

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