Garden Diary - March 2018

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Green for St Patrick's Day
Saturday, 17 March 2018

Carol called on Friday. Tony and Lynn would be playing at The Ship Inn on Saturday. Why don't we plan to join John and Carol for music, beer, and food. After checking to be sure that there would be Best Bitter (yes, a batch had been brewed, casked, and ready to drink) we agreed. I made sure I had a green jersey ready to wear, and Paul had his green plaid shirt. Because . . . St. Patrick's Day revelers once thought that wearing green made one invisible to the little people, the fairy folk who would pinch anyone they could see. That would be anyone not wearing green. Then people began pinching those who didn't wear green as a reminder. The song, TheWearing of the Green helps reinforce the idea.

Tony and Lynn play traditional songs from Ireland (Scotland and
England too) on guitar, squeeze box, penny whistle, and bodhrán.

Lots of green to be seen on revellers and wait staff.

Some intensified their festive garb.

Some really got into the spirit of things

not merely with a hat but also shamrock
patterned tights, gloves, and a fake beard.

A lady with several layers and shades of
green, topped with a fuzzy green fascinator.

Through it all Tony and Lynn kept playing,
three sets with only brief intermissions.


Then there was this man . . . I asked
if it was game of thrones, or outlander.
But no, he said it was medieval garb.

Complete with peace bonded knife in
his gauntlet. I would have expected a
sgian dubh in his stocking. Whatever.

This happy couple are each enjoying a flight of whiskey.
Sláinte to one and to all, today and every day.

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