Garden Diary - November 2018

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A Visit to Wave Hill

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Having enjoyed a morning visit to the holiday train show at the New York Botanical Garden I decided that a quiet afternoon visit to Wave Hill would be an excellent detour on the way home. After all, I haven't been there since August. Yes, the gardens will be rather different, but Wave Hill is a delight at any season.

The last time I was here the front garden was lush, just crammed with
flowers and foliage, and the conservatory was bare. Now the reverse.

An abutilon in a hanging basket, apricot bells
dangling in profusion. I should repot mine.

There's always a changing display anchored by a few huge permanent plants and a changing rota of plants in pots, brought "on stage" when at their best.

Wave Hill has a wonderful collection of uncommon
gladiola, like this dainty Gladiolus priorii.

In summer the arbor grabs attention with its roses.
Now, it is the towering conifer that catches my eye.

I walk over to Wave Hill House, as that is where the Cafe is.
It makes me smile, to look at the building and remember

the replica at the New York Botanical Garden's holiday train show.

I had noticed that there were hardly any visitors. And other than staff I'm the only one at the Cafe. It turns that that there is a members event this evening. The buildings will close at 2:00 p.m., and the garden itself at 3:00 p.m. I must be a little more active than my leisurely stroll!

For lunch I had a delicious baby French lentil and roasted beet salad with cubes of chewy roasted carrot, frisée lettuce, spoonfuls of soft mild cheese. I indulged myself and asked for avocado to embellish it. And a cup of white tea. With honey on the side.

While my lunch was prepared (they bring it to your table) I stepped
outside to the terrace and enjoyed the view of the Hudson River.

Wave Hill is being decorated for the members event. The deep windowsills at the foyer entrance to Wave Hill House have beribboned swags of evergreen boughs and a bell jar of pine cones nestled in a deep copper dish filled with moss.

This smiling woman was at work behind the shop, creating more
seasonal decorations. We agreed that it was wonderful to work
in a garden where at least some materials were "home grown."

The shop had seasonal potted plants for sale, Christmas cactus
and these miniature cyclamen, in paper wrapped ribbon tied pots.

Time to be on my way. I turn back for one last look at the river
and the Palisades of New Jersey, bare trees looking very wintery.

Just before the short walk to the parking lot some hollies offer me
a colorful, cheerful reminder of the holiday season.

I get on the road. The Henry Hudson Parkway
takes me to the George Washington Bridge.
I'm homeward bound.

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