Garden Diary - August 2018

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A Day at the Fair - Livestock

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Hunterdon County has a fair every August. It lasts for five days. The different 4-H groups have competitions for livestock: dairy cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. Small stock, that's poultry and rabbits, fill a huge tent. There's produce and horticultural competitions, the Northwest New Jersey bee keepers have classes for honey and beeswax. What could be more fun than a day at the fair! Let's go!


Of course, what's a fair without food.

Or rides, from merry-go-round to actual, real, pony rides,
ferris wheel, and more. What I like are the animals. And
there are barns filled with them, and their show rings too.

Livestock: Sheep and Goats

I think this ewe has a very sweet, rather dainty face.

Some of sheep are rather noisy. Like this big ram.

Those to be judged, in part, on their fleece, may be wearing
jackets, to keep the wool clean and free of dirt and debris.

There's primping before judging - oil their hooves and trim the coat.

A final little touch up, some hand work with sheep shears.
Now you understand how those clippers got their name,
before gardeners took them over and use them on plants.

Goats and their handlers (eyes on the judge) in the show ring.

A shaggy angora goat standing quietly in its pen, with its flock mate.

Another angora goat, taking advantage of its time out for a nap.

Boer goat. This is a meat breed. A friend has some as pets.

Livestock: Cows and Horses

One barn for sheep, another for goats. Horses have a barn to themselves. So do cows, but their show ring is in a separate, quite large tent.

Two champion Jersey heifers, competing for supreme champion
and reserve supreme champion heifer. Other cows waiting their turn.

Now it's a class for Holsteins, most popular dairy breed.

Brown Swiss are second to Holstein in milk production. High in fat
and protein, their milk makes excellent cheese.

A nice looking warm blood gelding. His pen card
notes that he goes on trail rides and dressage.

Blue eyed bald faced pinto gelding peacefully having a midday snack.

A charming pinto pony with an elegantly braided
tail. Clearly a loving relationship between the two.

Lunch first, and then next I'm off to see produce and poultry - the agricultural tent to see the horticultural competition - flowers, fruit, vegetables, and honey. After which, onward to the poultry and rabbit tent.

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