Garden Diary - September 2017

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Open Days - Jardin de Buis
Part One - Outside
Saturday, 9 September 2017

Now I'm off to Jardin de Buis, another of the Garden Conservancy's Open Days gardens available for visits today. That's what makes the program so special - these are private gardens open only once or (rarely) twice a year. Sometimes, just this once and not next year, or even never again. Forget about making hay while the sun shines - need to go visit gardens when they are open.

Image courtesy of Andrea Filippone / F2 Environmental Design
Eye-in-the-sky overview of Jardin de Buis

. . .

Viewpoint 1 - vista down driveway and stone parking court towards
the courtyard formed by the old dairy barn and stone walls, now home.

Viewpoint 2 - tower (former silo) on the left of what was
once upon a time a dairy barn, but is now a home.
I go down the steps watched over by a stone dog.

Six columns, leaning against the stone wall. Attractive,
but I'm confident that Andrea will find something even
more creative for them. To be seen next open day visit . . .

Viewpoint 3 - gravel courtyard, entry to home.

Overview of the formal French potager

Looking through the gates and across the potager

Central pool and water jet. Water is a frequent feature in Jardin de Buis.

Circling pattern of cobblestone paving ripple around the pool.

Vegetables are beautiful. This is cardoon, an artichoke relative
not quite ready to open its spikey bud into purple thistle flower.

No, not dinosaur hide. Closeup of Nero di Toscana lacinato kale.
Beautiful, and very good to eat, perhaps in ribollito bean soup . . .

Down below the potager is a double line
of boxwood. On the upper right, do you see

the substantial flight of stone steps.

Water, again, this time in a formal little rill,
framed with boxwood. It has a Moorish feel.
See the burgundy dark semi- hemispheres?

Stately plants of Angelica gigas enhance this courtyard garden.

Bijou plants and planters occasionally accent the landscape.
Curry plant, I think, in a graceful urn perched on a doorstep.

Formal stonework, this time well built walls and a pair
of pillars. Their matching orbs look sgraffito, by lichens.

I circle around. I go back and forth. What's seen, coming, is different, going.
There have been two previous visits, here and here, and yes, I'll come again.
Because there are always splendid things to see, here at Jardin de Buis.

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