Garden Diary - April 2017

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Chihuly Exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden
Part Two: Out and About
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Our guided press preview tour in and out of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory was a stunning preview of the Chihuly exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden, opening to the public on Saturday, 22 April 2017. Wouldn't surprise me if many would have felt satisfied with what we saw - which wasn't quite all the glass pieces, at that. But wait, there's more! Off we go, loaded into trams and driven over to the LuEsther T. Mertz Library Building. And there, in the Fountain of Life, the seahorse fountain with mer-horses, mermen, mermaids. mer-children,

enormous irregular tumbling blocks in shades of blue and aqua,
that remind me of ice. If it is translucent, apparently, Chihuly will
work with it. Hollow, these Blue Polyvitro Crystals are plastic.

Using CameraMX, Paul created this gray scale version of his picture.
Visitors can use their smart phones to access an Interactive Guide
via the Web, which not only offers customized photo filters but also
provides location-based technology sharing information about the
individual sculptures. Each installation shows as an icon on a virtual map.

Up the stair and into the Beaux Arts building. In the entry

is a round glass case with Opaline and Rose Quartz Seaforms. Luminous,
nacre, mother of pearl . . . glass born of fire capturing underseas beauty.


Two choices. We're on the second floor. Library and gallery are on the sixth floor. Wait a turn in the small elevator. Or use the stairs. Somewhat breathless after the climb some of us reached the rotunda to see fire in the form of

Orange Fire Baskets, several of them, arrayed on pedestals of various heights.
Within each one are interior bubbles that appear to ebb and flow, like hot lava.

Across the rotunda from the library is a gallery with yet more pieces, these earlier works in Chihuly's oeuvre, more modest in scale. As well, drawings and painting are displayed. Both their own creative outlet, these works on paper are also a means of communicating his concepts to the hotshop studio staff. Using the elevator down this time, back outside, into the tram, and off we go on Garden Way passing through the spring green landscape. Our schedule has us due at the Native Plant Garden. We pass right by

Sapphire Star
Make a note of its location, will double back later on foot.


Make a mental note of these colorful shoes. I'll explain later.

In the Native Plant Garden, playing with light and water.

Big ones, little ones, in-between size bubbles, a boat load of bubbles.

Koda Study #1 and Koda Study #2 (there's a #3 in the Conservatory Courtyard tropical water lily pool) are new artworks. Playing with light that transmitts through the panels and reflects on the water, these polycarbonate sheets revisit Chihuly's Artpark installation of 1975 in Lewiston, New York, near Niagara Falls. That display was just for summer. This exhibition will remain for six months, until October 29, offering the opportunity to see the influence of seasonal changes.

And those shoes? Dale Chihuly is wearing them.
He may be dressed in black, but he's still colorful.

Now on foot, tour over. Walking to the Pine Tree Cafe for lunch. We pass the pool where Christmas has its giant tree, Halloween has giant pumpkins. Now? Today the pool has Red Reeds on Logs. Whence came the logs, you ask? Remember that this exhibition has been two years in the planning. These logs came down a year ago, in a storm. And the botanic garden has been holding on to them for just this use. Waste not, want not, you know. And a much finer display

than back in 2006 when like red spears they marched beside the Conservatory.

A nice lunch. Time to leave. Look up, look up!

Three chandeliers. Cypress Green Chandelier from 2005, and two from 2016 -
Mineral Blue Chandelier and Peridot Green Chandelier. How did we miss them
coming in? No matter, we did not miss them on our departure. Good thing, too!

In addition to the pieces on display in the rotunda of the library building, in the gallery, and out on the grounds there are superb pieces on display in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. You can take a look at some pieces here.

Opening April 22, Earth Day weekend, the exhibition runs through October 29, 2017. The Garden is open Tuesday through Sunday, and Monday federal holidays, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with special evening hours for Chihuly nights: Saturdays, April 29 - June 24; Thursdays, July-August, and Thursdays-Saturdays, September-October, 6:30-10:30 p.m. The Garden is easily reached by car or Metro North trains. For ticket pricing you may call 718.817.8700 or visit nybg.org

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