Garden Diary - April 2017

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Blue Bottles / Green Garden

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Yesterday Garden Writers Region II had a one day meeting in Delaware, the DuPont Triple Play. In one long day we'd visit Nemours, Mt Cuba, and Winterthur. Reluctant to leave home as early as required for a day trip, I instead stayed with my friends Liz and Rick in Pennsylvania. They not only provided me with a comfortable place to stay Thursday and Friday nights, I accompanied them to an additional garden on Thursday and Saturday. And of course had a tour of their charming and attractive garden. Rick is passionate about woodies - trees and shrubs. Liz enjoys the aesthetics.

Their garden is embellished with blue. Blue flowers, blue glazed pots, and especially, with blue glass bottles. I asked why, and Liz explained it like this: they had some bottles, blue ones. Friends assumed they were collecting them, and would want to have more. And thus it was that blue objects began to embellish their garden.

A greenhouse window over the kitchen sink has blue glass objects,
small bottles, some vases, and chinoiserie pottery with blue details.

It's the bottles in the garden that fascinate me. Wine bottle holders,
it seems, can also function out of doors as here on the ground

and also up in a tree.

Be careful to suspend them bottoms up so rain does not collect.

Bottles on rebar, with blue flowered Stokesia laevis

A blue glazed pot saucer is a water bowl for

Sweetie, an outside cat who is fed and sheltered here.

A fountain of blue bottles on arching PVC pipe.

And no, this is not a monotone garden
as this exquisite pink tree peony clearly displays.

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