Garden Diary - July 2017

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Making Birds Houses From Gourds

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

"What do garden clubs do?", you ask. The Tohickon Garden Club has once-a-month meetings where we might hear a lecture, visit a garden, or make something. This time it's making a bird house from a gourd. Ann, one of our members grows gourds that she crafts with. These well-dried last year's gourds will be drilled to provide a doorway for wrens or chickadee size birds, and also allow removal of the dry seeds. Small holes drilled at the top to string a wire for hanging. Paint to create decorate personalized effects. Once fully dry, at home, Ann reccommends a coat of outdoor varnish, especially if you'll leave the birdhouse outdoors over winter. Let's get to it!

Along with supplies: paints to brushes, plastic plates for palettes,
cups for water, Ann brough sample bird house for inspriation.

Drilling the doorway opening. Ann suggest trying for
a vertical position. Too high, and rain can get in.

Done. Now comes the fun part - decorating.

Choose the colors needed for your design and sqeeze a dab
of each onto the disposable foam plate palette.

Sue, meticulous as ever, carefully adds
black paint to the edge of the opening.

Ann brought a very helpful paint-a-bird chart.

Inspired, Norene adds shading details to the bodies of her bluebirds.

Sue keeps painting.

Joan admired Ann's ladybeetle sample, decided to make her own.

And Evelyn's charming vine winding around
the surface of her gourd shows that simple
can be elegant and attractive too.

This is what our garden club did for the July meeting. And a good time had by all.

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