Garden Diary - May 2017

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Refreshments on the Forest Deck

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

There is a deck, off in the woods. It was built soon after we moved to New Jersey, far enough away from the house that it feels like a destination. At the same time, it is close enough to the house that additional refreshments, more beer, whatever, can easily be resupplied. And today's weather was just right for pre-dinner relaxation

The woods are wonderfully green and leafy, not a neighbor to be seen.

St. Fiacre stares down a root mass from a sizable downed tree
that Paul was trimming. He thought when the weight came off
it would lift, straighten up. Nope. Slid down hill. Going nowhere.
It will wait until he gets around to it. I have an idea for the roots . . .

Some beer, tortilla chips, Jarlsburg cheese, and these skinny pods.
They're seed pods of 'Dragon Tail' radish. Sow from seed, quickly
stretch rather tall, flower, make these mildly tangy seed pods that
are quite pleasant with the cheese and chips and beer. Refreshments
on the Forest Deck, whiling away some quiet time before dinner.

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