Garden Diary - February 2016

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Water and Cat
Tuesday, 16 February 2016

It snowed last night, just a couple of inches. The weather was cold so it was nice light dry snow. But then the temperature started to rise and the snow changed over to rain. Which the nice dry snow absorbed like blotting paper.

A brief digression here. Do you know blotting paper? Think of the material used to make a fiberboard egg carton, only shaped into a flat sheet larger than a piece of copier paper. When letters and documents were written with an ink pen, blotting paper could be used to absorb the excess damp ink so the writing would not smear. Got it? One of these days I'll explain about the true meaning of "pen knife." Meanwhile, back to my story.

Our concern was that the slush with a skin of ice against the ground could freeze if the temperature again dropped. So Paul used the ATV with its plow on the driveway (down was O.K., up was difficult) and I did a modicum of shoveling. Heavy rain later in the day helped to clear the driveway and front walk.

Now, our current cats are indoors only. There are foxes and coyotes and great horned owls, all of which regard cats as funny rabbits with short ears and long tails. Previous cats were indoor / outdoor cats. And in wet weather

this charming drawing by my friend Redenta Soprano would be all too true.

However Domino has decided that a dripping tap is a fascinating thing. He'll jump up onto a sink and stare until I turn the water on. He'll paw at it, stick his head underneath the tap so water dribbles off, bite the stream of water, and in general have a high old time until I turn the water off or he becomes bored, then jumps down to track wet footprints all over.

But I would venture to guess that if he were offered an open door into the rain there would be endless complaints to try and convince me to open the door into summer. Water. And cats!

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