Garden Diary - April 2016

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Springtime Garden Party
Sunday, 17 April 2016

Something to look forward to each Spring, a garden party at Steve and Melody's zone denial garden. Zone what? Deny where you live and grow plants too tender for your climate - bananas and camellias, evergreen oaks, shrubby palm trees and more. Add in a passion for variegated plants, invite your plant geek friends for a potluck lunch, and a good time will be had by all.

Steve in the lead and off we wander for a garden walk and talk.

The hard frost of a few days ago did some damage, as can be seen on this Arisaema ringens

but this red camellia still looks lovely.

The garden is not fenced against deer. The "dining on the salad bar" is damage enough. Worse are buck rubs, when they thrash the itchy velvet off their antlers, and mangle the trunks of small trees. Steve tied bamboo canes around the trunk of this one

and used flexible conduit / tubing here.

Ferns on the bank of the small creek that bisects the property.

One of this year's emerging Moso bamboo culms. And yes, the extras are eaten.

Steve plants narcissus but doesn't bother to label them.
I think this is Narcissus 'Polar Ice', with Helleborus foetidus.

Embellishing the early woodland garden - jet bead, Rhodotypos scandens.

Early, early. A tree peony in lovely bloom. They re-seed for him, Steve claims . . . .

Having worked up an appetite, now it's time for our lunch. And more plant talk too.

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