Garden Diary - March 2016

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This and That at Howell Living History Farm
Saturday, 5 March 2016

There is always something to see at Howell Living History Farm. Today I'm here for the Winter Kitchen and Open Hearth Cooking. Detour for a look at Making Maple Syrup. However the farm always has something to entertain me, attract my attention.

There is a parade of honking geese.

One comes up close. Looking for attention?

Barred Plymouth Rock hens scratch in the straw of their pen

having first provided a lovely basketful of nice brown eggs.

In the farmhouse a charming woman is showing scizzors cutting paper

Scherenschnitte. Some simple, these quite elaborate.

A darning basket in the front parlor.

Socks, knitted wool socks, worn at the heel and waiting to be darned.

A team of draft horses and a wagon, passing the big red barn.

Always something interesting at Howell Living History Farm.

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