Garden Diary - December 2016

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Winter Event at Atlock Flower Farm
Saturday, 3 December 2016

Now that it is December all sorts of seasonal / holiday events are filling up the calendar. One I always enjoy is at Ken Selody's Atlock Flower Farm on Weston Canal Road in Somerset, New Jersey. Wonderful plants, with a speciality in topiary. And standards, plants grown to a single stem. Today's also the day that Seibert and Rice have their once-a-year sale of handmade, frost proof, Italian terra cotta pots at big discounts.

There's a warming fire

hot coffee and great food.

But first I have to be greeted by one of the cats.

It is December, and there's been a drought. Leaves dropped . . .

There are always attractive objects to catch my gaze.

And see here, one of the Seibert & Rice pots as a pencil cup!

Pots are plain in the sense of not-embellished,
their beauty comes with form following function.

Others have a rotund form, or one with putti dancing round.

Visitors find the pots as lovely in the hand as they are to the eye.

Late season sunlight highlights the swallows flitting around
what would otherwise be a very straightforward form.

And as I leave I see a statue and think of the dancers
who brought the universe into existence
as the manifestation of the dance.
Mindfulness. Dance of the seasons.
Days in, and out, of gardens.

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